I Am Controller of Planet X Studio

Portrait of Jeremy Cisneros

Hello there! My name is Jeremy Cisneros; better known here and to the public as, the Controller of Planet X Studio. I am an aspiring graphic designer and photographer hungry for work that will satiate my creativitiy by working together with clients to meet their needs and produce works I could both be proud of, but most importantly meet the needs of my clients.  

I operate Planet X Studio out of the Los Angeles area and am availble for in-person meetings with local clients. For clients not local to the studio, I do offer Zoom meetings along with e-mail contact and social media communication and updates as an alternative to get in touch with me and Planet X Studio. 

(Visit our Contact page for more details on how to do so!) 

Versed in a Range of Creative Design Mediums

I am versed in a evergrowing range of designing and creative mediums; refining my skill day by day. The most notable mediums being programs from the Adobe Creative Suite. 

These programs include: 

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe InDesign

Adobe Dreamweaver

Adobe Acrobat 

Apart from these design programs, I love to partake in photography. Photography and design go hand-in-hand after all, and work to benefit one another. I utilize the programs mentioned above paired with photography to create visually-enhanced works as a photographer.