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Welcome to Planet X Studio

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Greetings, people of Earth! Planet X Studio is a new start-up graphic design studio currently soley operated and headed by the aspiring graphic designer and photographer, Jeremy Cisneros. My goal here is to work with clients to help them visualize their creative needs and solutions to the most efficient degree. Direct communication between Planet X Studio and its clients is absolutely keen to working towards bringing the clients' visions to reality. 

Versed in a Range of Creative Design Mediums

Planet X Studio's key designer is versed in a evergrowing range of designing and creative mediums. The most notable being programs from the Adobe Creative Suite. 

These programs include: 

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe InDesign

Adobe Dreamweaver

Adobe Acrobat 

Apart from these design programs, Planet X Studio prides itself on its photography skills and is available for strickly photography-based work  as well to fulfill our clients' creative needs.